Frequently Asked Questions

Q: is the Town's AMBL the same league as the ABL?

A: The ABL is not affiliated in any way with the new AMBL. The AMBL is a completely different offering subcontracted by the Town of Aurora to replace the ABL. The ABL will continue its proud 25 year history of providing Aurora community basketball as part of the Aurora Basketball Association(ABA).

Q: My child turns 11 in October. For the fall session, should he sign up in the 8-10's or the 11-14's?

A: As long as the player turns the appropriate age before or during the season, the choice is yours. I would suggest taking into consideration whether or not they will be comfortable moving to the next level, or whether they'll gain confidence with another season in the younger division. If you are unsure, let me know.

Q: How do I register for the Aurora Basketball League?

A: You can register by cicking on the links on our home page. You can also contact us at for more info.

Q: How can I find out where my school is located?

A: All ABL sessions are held at Rick Hansen P.S. Plase see the contact page for a link to the York Region District School Board website, which has great maps detailing the location of all their schools.

Q: Do you have many girls playing in the program?

A: It is a co-ed program and we average about 15-20% girls in the younger two divisions. Unfortunately, that percentage drops a bit in the older division, but we do have a number of girls who stick around and enjoy the program.

Q: What do you offer for younger children?

A: The Little Dribbler program is a fantastic way to get players aged 5 to 7 interested in the game. It is fun program that just challenges them enough to offer each player the opportunity for individual success.

Q: Is there a Rep program?

A: Other organizations such as the YNBA offer a REP program for players who want to play in a more competitive environment.